newwAn employer of record enables you to quickly hire and onboard workers in Ghana and across Africa without the cost and risk of establishing a local entity which can be time consuming and costly. An EOR will ensure that you and your company remain compliant. 

Rakes Company Limited is both an Employer of Record  (EOR) and a Professional Employer Organization  working with clients from Ghana and across the globe. With over 20 years experience, our branches located across Ghana and our strategic partnerships across  Africa, we are well positioned to handle assignments of varied size and complexity.

Expand your global workforce quickly and efficiently, while Rakes Company Limited manages Payroll and Tax Compliance, Talent Acquisition and Onboarding, Ongoing Human Resources Management and Support, Risk Management , General Compliance and any challenges that may arise.

We Handle:

  • Global Payroll and Tax Compliance: We manage payroll, taxes, and social security contributions in [list of countries you operate in], ensuring seamless compliance and reducing your administrative burden.
  • Talent Acquisition and Onboarding: We assist in finding and onboarding qualified talent, handling legal paperwork, visas, and relocation logistics.
  • Human Resources Support: We provide comprehensive HR support, including benefits administration, payroll processing, performance management, and employee relations.
  • Risk Management and Compliance: We mitigate your legal and tax risks by ensuring adherence to local regulations and labor laws in every jurisdiction.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: We tailor our services to your specific needs, allowing you to expand your workforce quickly and efficiently without establishing in-country entities.

Benefits of EOR:

  • Reduced Costs and Complexity: Minimize overhead, legal fees, and HR expenses by leveraging our established infrastructure.
  • Faster Market Entry: Expand into new markets and access global talent pools swiftly and efficiently.
  • Focus on Core Business: Dedicate your resources to innovation and growth while we handle your HR compliance and operations.
  • Enhanced Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Rest assured knowing your global workforce is managed according to local regulations and labor laws.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Adjust your workforce size and structure as needed without administrative burdens.

Our Team:

  • Our team comprises specialists in global payroll, HR, legal compliance, and immigration, ensuring expert guidance and support.
  • We have a successful history of supporting businesses of all sizes in expanding their global reach.
  • We utilize technology for efficient and seamless delivery.

Partner with Rakes Company Limited and unlock the true potential of your global workforce!